Seabass’ Diary…Day 84…Disbelief

July 17,2016-Grandpa and I stared into the hole in disbelief. Green blinking lights started back at us in silence. “I knew Simba would figure it out!” Grandpa said, “He must’ve put two and two together and figured out that they were being tracked by GPS attached to their collars and that’s why he buried them!” Possibility and hope once again filled my chest. “We need to move as far away as possible from this location-just in case.” Grandpa said.

It was dark now and Grandpa decided that it would impossible to track the animals any further. He said that we should bunk in the forest for the night; he started a small fire and I caught myself a couple of moths to fill my growling stomach. I brought a few of them to Grandpa but he did not appreciate what a delicacy they were, instead he went hungry.

We sat by the fire and listened to the crackling of the wood as it burned and threw ash into the air. I watched it float on the wind; I heard a sound and my ears perked up…there it was again. Grandpa looked at me and I looked at him-we both heard it and stood. Far away in the distance was the faintest sound of a dog barking. Dare I say that the dog sounded like Caleb?

Part of me was filled with happiness and the other part was filled with dread. I was happy because it was possibly a sign that Caleb and the other animals were safe but I was scared because the barking could give their location away if the tall, thin human, Henri and Edgardo were still tracking them.

Something in the pit of my stomach said most assuredly that we weren’t quite out of the woods yet…and I’m sad to say…that I was right.


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