Seabass’ Diary…Day 83…Brilliant!

July 18, 2016-My heart started to beat faster as I remembered the blinking lights on the collars of the animals. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but now it all made sense. I knew that it was urgent for us to reach the animals before anyone else did…I prayed that no one else had. “We need to get to higher ground,” Grandpa said, “before we lose visibility.” The night was encroaching on us and the sky had turned a sort of purple velvet; we had an hour at most before nightfall and with each passing second, our chances of finding Simba and the animals grew smaller.

Grandpa led us to the top of a hill and crouched down, “Dog and cat tracks,” he said with a smile, “Lots of them!”  We followed the tracks down the slope of the hill and looked for more clues. “This way!” Grandpa said and started running. I followed him to a barely visible, muddy path that was littered with broken sticks and moss; I immediately noticed a large pile of stones and so did Grandpa.

“They’ve been here for sure,” Grandpa said, “I can tell by the way the grass has been trampled down.” He pointed to a flat spot in the field and then directed my attention back to the rubble pile. “This looks like a marker of some sort…or a sign…” He paused. I felt an overwhelming urge to dig through the rocks so I followed my gut and began dismantling the pile. Grandpa was quick to help me dig; we threw big and small rocks to the side in order to get a look at what was underneath. I had a feeling that we were going to uncover something-perhaps something that would lead us to Simba and the animals…little did we know that the rock pile was hiding a secret.


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