Seabass’ Diary…Day 82…Development…

July 15, 2016- I scanned the empty cave once over to make sure that my eyes were not deceiving me. I wished they had been because it would’ve been easier to take. A million thoughts ran through my mind and some worst case scenarios came into focus in my mind’s eye; What if the tall, thin human had captured them? What if she harmed them in some way? What if Simba had wandered out into the darkness to look for me and had gotten lost? What if….what if…what if?

I felt as though I was going to jump out of my skin at any moment. What I wouldn’t give to be back at the prison with Simba and the stupid humans. I snapped back to reality and did not let my mind wander anymore, it was of no use-I had a job to do! I swore that my promise to the animals and Simba would be fulfilled. Grandpa looked around the cave that was becoming darker by the minute and said, “I know why you led me here…this is where the animals and Simba were hiding. You’re a smart fish…I knew you would save them as soon as I saw it on the news.” He picked me up and petted my fur, “Let’s take this vest off.” He pulled the zipper down on my vest and noticed a green, blinking light in the darkness. “What in the…?” He said as he reached for the light and studied it. “It’s a GPS tracking device…no wonder they found your location…they were tracking you!” I swallowed hard and remembered something that chilled me to the bone…each of the animals at the pet hotel were wearing a collar…that had the same blinking, green light.



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