Seabass’ Diary…Day 79…Help is on the way…

July 12, 2016-I slunk deeper into the shadows and held my breath but it was no use-I had been spotted by the tall, thin human. At that moment I knew that there were only two choices: 1) Run back into the cave and hope that our group could wrestle the gun away from her or 2) Take her on a wild goose chase.

I decided on the latter and made a run for it! There was no way that I would lead her to the animals and there was no way that we would ever be captured by her again-I wouldn’t allow it! I heard her shout obscenities at me and bullets pinged into the rocks above my head…at least she was a horrible shot.

I ran as far away from the cavern as I could and led her up a mossy hill in the middle of the forest. I navigated my way through rocks and sticks and the tall, thin human was only meters behind me. She shot at me again as I skidded across a large log that had fallen across a stream. I lost my grip and fell into the stream! It was deeper than I thought and I was having trouble swimming-the current was carrying me away. I thrashed in the water and threw out my paws to grab onto something-anything that would stop me. The water continued to whisk me away and I saw the tall, thin human stop and watch. She shouted into her walkie-talkie, “He’s coming your way! Grab him!” I felt myself going under the water again and I couldn’t touch the bottom…it was no use, I would have to go with the current or drown.

I felt weak and tired from struggling. Just as my limbs started to cramp with exhaustion I felt a hand on the back of my neck. I was immobilized by the position and could not see who was lifting me out of the water-all I heard was a familiar voice say, “It’s okay Seabass! I’ve got you!” The voice sounded a lot like Grandpa’s.

iphone oct 2015 146

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