Seabass’ Diary…Day 78…Hot on the Trail…

July 11, 2016-I looked around to see if there was a place that we could conceal ourselves. The gunshots were becoming dangerously close and I needed to think of a plan quickly. I noticed a small, dark cave and prayed that it would hold all of us. “Quick, everyone into the cave,” I said.The animals hurried into the cavern and I followed closely behind them.The cave was much bigger than I had originally anticipated. It was quite deceiving from the front but it spanned what looked like hundreds of meters back. I led the group deep into the cave and said, “Everyone stay close together and don’t come out of the cave no matter what happens. We will be safe in here for the time being. I am going to investigate what is happening outside.”

“No!” Simba said, “I will go with you-I don’t want you to go alone!” I put my hand on his shoulder and shook my head. “No, you need to stay with the others,” I said. “Promise me that you’ll stay with them-they’re scared and they need you!” Simba looked at me and nodded, “I promise.” I hugged him and trudged through the darkness to the mouth of the cave.

Light spilled into my eyes and they adjusted quickly to the brightness. I was still concealed by the darkness of the entryway but knew that this would not be an ideal vantage point. I was getting hot. I reached into my vest for my knife and some rope when I felt something sharp; it was the diamond! Amidst all of the chaos I had forgotten that I still had it; I knew that this put us in an extremely dangerous situation and that Henri, Edgardo and the tall, thin human, would come after us at all costs.

A sick feeling rose in my throat and I shuddered; someone dressed in black  was headed straight for me and they were holding a gun.


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