Seabass’ Diary…Day 75…The Struggle..

July 6, 2016-I lunged at Edgardo and we collided into a tumbling mess on the rooftop.A tumbleweed of fur was the best way to describe the scene. I bit him on the jugular as hard as I could and he screamed in pain as I ran towards the ladder.  The tall, thin human was the first to descend the rooftop at lightning speed and I was right behind her until Edgardo grabbed me from behind and pushed me to the ground.

We continued to grapple and were unaware of how close we were to the edge of the rooftop! I could hear the tall, thin human screaming for Edgardo to get in the car but he seemed to pay no attention. He stood on top of me and had me pinned to the edge of the roof, his hands were around my neck and I looked below me to see a twenty story drop and the get away car.”First I’ll do away with you and then Simba! It will be a pleasure to see  his pain!” Edgardo said breathless. I squirmed beneath him with all of my might but I couldn’t break free and I was starting to feel sleepy. If he held on much longer I knew that I would be thrown over the edge of the building and land as a splatter on the pavement. I grabbed his hands and tried to force him off of me but I was starting to lose consciousness…before everything went black, Simba’s face flashed in front of my eyes and I regained my strength!

I snapped back to consciousness and pressed my feet into Edgardo’s abdomen. I pushed up as hard as I could and flipped him off of the rooftop! I quickly whipped around to see him fall at an astounding pace; I could hear his yelping as he got closer to the ground! I watched as adrenaline pumped through my veins and just before Edgardo was about to meet his final fate as a spot on the asphalt, Henri caught him in his arms!


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