Seabass’ Diary…Day 72…Showtime

July 1, 2016-A thousand thoughts raced through my mind but I tried to remain in the moment; I could not afford a misstep. I took a deep breath in and held it for a second as I closed my eyes, I prayed Simba was being released at this very moment.

“Listen carefully,” the tall, thin human said, “You will follow our every instruction because if you don’t, you’ll never see Simba again! Do you understand?” “Yes,” I said. “Edgardo, get him ready…we begin in 3 minutes!” She unrolled a set of blueprints and motioned for Henri to come and look at them. Edgardo fitted me with a black cargo vest much like his; No one knew I was keeping a secret…I had an ace up my sleeve and  when I was in the Chanel bag I picked up a tool of my own… a tool that would unravel the whole operation.

Edgardo placed an ear piece in my ear and tested it to make sure it worked. “We’re ready to go boss!” he said and took his position on the top of the skylight. The tall, thin human handed Edgardo a glass cutter and he made an incision; he carefully lifted a perfectly circular pane of glass and placed it to the side. He attached a nylon cord to my vest and secured it to a latch on the roof; “SHOWTIME!” he smirked and pushed me into the hole!

I hurtled through the air at an incredible speed and just before I was a splat on the ground, I came to a jerking stop just inches above the floor. I looked around the room and it became very clear why I had been chosen. Onyx statues, big and small surrounded the room and they all had one thing in common…they were all black cats.




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