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Hello Everyone! SO excited to share some awesome news with you!

Seabass our beloved cat from the famed Seabass’ Diary Series will be encountering all kinds of adventures in his new E-book series on Amazon.com! His first adventure will be available on Amazon.com for download starting on Friday July 1st, this particular series will not be divulged on thekittycatclan.com, but it offers a new set of mischief and trouble for Seabass and other friends (and enemies) he meets along the way.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and that this news excites you as much as it does me! Thanks again for your faithful readership and I write this blog for each and every one of you…if it weren’t for all of my followers I wouldn’t get to do this! Thank you!

Seabass’ Diary…Day 68…The Canine…

June 23, 2016-The henchmen left the room and locked the door. The walls seemed to close in on me…jewel thieves? This was a pretty big deal…but if that was the mission I had to complete to save Simba, then by all means mission accepted. I decided to do damage control before the mob got out of hand-there were strength in numbers and I needed allies if I wanted to pull this off; I jumped onto the table and bellowed, “Attention everyone! I know you’re upset with me but listen to what I have to say!”

“Why should we listen to you? Because of YOU we will be working all night!” a small striped tabby piped up. “I know and I’m sorry! But if we work together we can defeat Edgardo and break out of here…” The room went silent except for a few whispers. A very old canine stepped forth from the shadows; I hadn’t noticed him before. A brown cloak hung over his head and his face was not visible, the whispers were replaced with gasps and finally deafening silence. “During my time here I have seen many young animals like yourself try and defeat Eduardo without success,” he said. “I too have tried many years ago…I will do whatever it takes to help you…I don’t want any of you to end up like me.”

“Tell us your story brother,” I said and we encircled him; he adjusted his cloak and steadied himself on his cane. “Many years ago my family brought me here for a vacation, it all seemed wonderful…until they left; I quickly found out the truth that things were not as they seemed,” he said. “I was immediately sent on missions as a distraction…and the jewels we stole were worth millions; I waited for my family to return and collect me and when they came…” he paused and took a deep breath, “they were told that I had escaped and ran away. The truth is…I’ve not seen them since, word came that they were looking for me and that they’ve never given up hope.” I felt sick and like I was going to faint. “Every single one of us…will not be returned to our families…”he said, “We are prisoners here.” Anger squeezed my heart and it pounded furiously in my ears; the room spun around me and went black as my body crumpled to the floor.

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3-4 week old kittens

shelter life photography


these two little boy tigers are between 3 and 4 weeks old. cats are amazing. a female cat can get pregnant at 6 months old and for every egg she has – she can have a different daddy. we think these two little men were fertilized at different times. the one in the foreground is much less “awake” and stronger than his brother. his brother does look like a wild cat tiger. I held him until he cried for his mom this morning. I love his little ears.

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Seabass’ Diary…Day 67…Truth

June 22, 2016-I bit onto Edgardo’s ear with all of my might and we rolled around on the floor as we swapped punches; I delivered a swift left hook to his jaw and pinned him to the ground. I stood ominously over top of him and sneered, “Know this…whatever you’re up to I plan to destroy it.” He breathed heavily and said, “Have it your way…but…what about Simba? You wouldn’t want him to suffer would you?”

Edgardo smirked and I went to attack again but was pulled off of him by a couple of his henchmen. “Listen up everyone!” Edgardo shouted as he smoothed his stupid sweatshirt, “Because of your new friend, Peasant, you will be working with no rest tonight.” The room suddenly went quiet and he continued, “Feel free to thank him in any way you see appropriate.” I could feel the angry eyes of the animals on my back and tried my best to ignore their deathly stares. The henchmen continued to restrain me until Edgardo left the room then they released me with a push.

When the coast was clear Callisto ran to my side, “Sebass that was so…brave and yet…so stupid, what were you thinking?” she asked. “I need you to tell me immediately what is going on-we don’t have much time!” I demanded. “Please Callisto, I need your help…to save Simba.” She looked at me and bowed her head, “I will help you all that I can.” She paused for a moment and said, “The animals here are involved in illegal activity but not by choice…we are all part of a massive crime ring.” I sucked in some air and waited for her next words…”We are jewel thieves,” she said, “And every night is a new mission…that’s why you…have become the Chosen One.”


Seabass’ Diary…Day 66…Anarchy

June 21, 2016-“When shall we meet?” I asked Callisto, she did not answer because Edgardo had left his perch and was headed our way; I could see that she was nervous because her whole body shook as he approached us. “Peasant!” the weird looking dog shouted in my direction…I turned around to see who he was talking to because it sure as hell wasn’t me.

His hair was fashioned into a purple mohawk and he wore a red and white sweater with a hood; I stared at him in amazement and wondered if he knew how ridiculous he looked. “Peasant!” he shouted again but this time he stood inches in front of my face. The look in Callisto’s eyes made me decide not to lunge and attack Edgardo…there was a fear that emanated from her so I proceeded with caution. “No…” I laughed, “My name is Sebastien not Peasant and we haven’t been properly introduced.” I stuck out my hand for him to shake but he spat on the floor in front of me instead. I withdrew my hand and he said, “Your name will be whatever I call you.” Who did this guy think he was? My patience was wearing thin and he was really starting to anger me. “No-maybe you didn’t hear me correctly the first time…My name is Sebastien and I will not answer to anything else,” I said as I threw the polishing rag to the floor. The room went silent and everyone stared.

Fire filled his eyes and I smiled…I had gotten under his skin. The first rule in war is to attack your enemy psychologically-get so far into their head that they can’t concentrate and remember to never show any fear. Battles were won in the mind and I was thankful that my mercenary training had served me well. Edgardo was so close to my face that I could feel his breath on my fur. “So we have a rebel on our hands do we?” he sneered and pushed me, “I have just the job for you…THE CHOSEN ONE!” he shouted as he held out his hands to the side-the other animals were silent and the tension was palpable. I flipped over the table that held thousands of precious jewels and lunged at Edgardo…I had started a riot and the room broke into bedlam.