Seabass’ Diary…Day 67…Truth

June 22, 2016-I bit onto Edgardo’s ear with all of my might and we rolled around on the floor as we swapped punches; I delivered a swift left hook to his jaw and pinned him to the ground. I stood ominously over top of him and sneered, “Know this…whatever you’re up to I plan to destroy it.” He breathed heavily and said, “Have it your way…but…what about Simba? You wouldn’t want him to suffer would you?”

Edgardo smirked and I went to attack again but was pulled off of him by a couple of his henchmen. “Listen up everyone!” Edgardo shouted as he smoothed his stupid sweatshirt, “Because of your new friend, Peasant, you will be working with no rest tonight.” The room suddenly went quiet and he continued, “Feel free to thank him in any way you see appropriate.” I could feel the angry eyes of the animals on my back and tried my best to ignore their deathly stares. The henchmen continued to restrain me until Edgardo left the room then they released me with a push.

When the coast was clear Callisto ran to my side, “Sebass that was so…brave and yet…so stupid, what were you thinking?” she asked. “I need you to tell me immediately what is going on-we don’t have much time!” I demanded. “Please Callisto, I need your help…to save Simba.” She looked at me and bowed her head, “I will help you all that I can.” She paused for a moment and said, “The animals here are involved in illegal activity but not by choice…we are all part of a massive crime ring.” I sucked in some air and waited for her next words…”We are jewel thieves,” she said, “And every night is a new mission…that’s why you…have become the Chosen One.”


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