Seabass’ Diary…Day 65…Edgardo

June 20, 2016-Callisto looked at me with uncertainty, “Can I trust you?” she asked. “Yes but you need to tell me what all of this is about,” I said. There was a small dog perched on a chair that sat high above the other animals; the chair was adorned with gems and purple satin cloth…it was quite ornate and frankly it was quite gaudy. I stared at the canine indirectly and wondered what his position of power was. My question was answered almost immediately as if Callisto could read my mind telepathically.

“That is Edgardo…he is the villain’s right hand man…he watches from his perch to make sure that we are working and not conspiring with eachother,” she whispered as she polished massive diamonds. I looked at the ridiculous canine and raised an eyebrow, how could that little thing cause so much fear I wondered. I had seen his type before and he was officially called a “Chinese Crested” something or another. Would I classify him as a dog…no…he had a mohawk and fur boots but that was all the hair he had entirely. He looked laughable. I smiled widely, “Him? That’s the guy?” I asked in disbelief. She threw me a white cloth and said, “You mustn’t let him see us talking…pretend to work or else we will be caught and then sentenced.” My face remained normal but my pulse quickened, “Sentenced to what?” I said as calmly and as quietly as I could. “To hard labour,” she said without looking me in the eye. Something grabbed my insides and twisted; I remembered Simba and that he was taken.

“My kin is missing, he is called Simba-they took him straight away after our arrival,” I said under my breath; I kept polishing a massive green stone that glittered in the light, it was as big as my paw…perhaps bigger. “Yes. Some of the animals are taken right away…is your Simba a big cat?” she paused and switched to polishing a different mound of diamonds. “He is huge,” I said as fear gripped my throat. “He has been taken to hard labour…I can show you where he is tonight… but it will be dangerous,” Callisto whispered as her eyes met mine. A feeling of dread consumed me and I felt sick, “I need to rescue him and get out of here, you must show me the way.”


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