Seabass’ Diary…Day 64…Callisto…

June 17, 2016-I was perched on the inn keepers extraordinarily thin arm as I peered into the room…something was amiss! There were canines and felines of all sorts being fitted for special garments and the room was FULL of expensive jewellery.

I was totally confused; what in the world was going on in here? I looked for Simba but didn’t see him and I started to get nervous. I jumped from the villainous woman’s arms and ran to the doorway to find Simba but she blocked the opening with her designer boots, “Ohhh no my black beauty,” she cooed, “You will have a very special job soon and I  need you to stay here!” “You will find out soon enough what your mission will be and what is required of you to be a guest here!” I shuddered at the cold chill that ran down my spine…something evil was lurking.

I turned back around and tried to think of my next move as the woman shut the door behind me and disappeared. What was this place? I got my bearings and slunk over to a white and brown feline with pretty blue eyes…she was quite stunning if I did say so, “What is going on? Why are there so many animals and jewels?” I asked. The feline turned to me and said, “You will soon find out…this place is not what it seems sadly.” “Are we in danger?” I asked. “Yes…” she said, “What is your name?” I paused for a moment and took in the words she had just spoken, “Sebastien.” “And yours?” “They call me Callisto.”

Callisto…special thanks to Frank S. from Italy!

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