Contest Winners!..Section 1…

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your patience! Thank you to all of the participants once again and if not for you, there would be no kittycatclan! The winners were picked by my husband in fairness and I think he did an amazing job. Here is the official list and stay tuned for all of the upcoming winners’ stories and interviews and the images/videos/names that they sent in.

Friends without cats: CONGRATULATIONS!

1st PrizeHannah from Australia –YOU will be featured on as a CHARACTER in Seabass’ Diary! You’ll be a guest blogger on the site and be interviewed by yours truly and the interview will also appear on the site, plus you’ll get an 8×10 autographed photo of Seabass mailed to you!

2nd PrizePatrick from Ireland-An 8×10 autographed picture of Seabass mailed to you!

3rd PrizeAyelish from England-An 8×10 autographed picture of Simba mailed to you!


You are all amazing cat lovers and thank you so much for your entries! I can’t wait to show our readers your entries and why you won! Stay tuned!


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