Sebass’ Diary…Day 63…Glamourpuss

June 16, 2016-Henri was a large man who looked like he could burst the seams out of his designer track suit at will. His biceps were enormous and he obviously never skipped leg day. “Henri, this chubby Simba will need a tailored plan to trim the fat at once!” the lithe woman said as she raised an eyebrow to him,  “and don’t skimp on the physical activity!”

Simba shuddered and was removed from the animal transport device. “And what do we have here? A majestic Maine Coon no less! Come here my black beauty,” the woman purred at me. She reached in and pulled me close to her, I fluttered my resplendent eyelashes at her and I am sure she could feel the breeze on her face each time I blinked.

“You are absolutely gorgeous!” she said while she stroked my glistening goat, “For you shall receive extra special treatment while you stay! Only de best will do!” I stared at her; this would be a week of paradise! This is exactly how I should be treated and someone finally understood that-I felt as though her and I were kindred spirits but little did I know that I would soon find out just how evil she really was!

I was whisked away through a long corridor and was taken to my room. The door swung open and I could barely believe my eyes!



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