Seabass’ Diary…Day 61…Weapons of War

June 14, 2016-I shook in terror and screamed at the top of my lungs! Grandpa drew closer to me and held out the cylindrical, green gourd…it had been years since I had seen one and the sight of the Cucumis sativus made my blood run cold. For some reason many felines are particularly freaked out by this particular item and rightly so…I mean, it’s hideous!

I ran towards the exit and only then realized that the door was closed; I looked around nervously for an escape but alas, there was no hope. I did what any heroic wildcat would do in the same situation, I backed myself into a corner and hissed with all of my might. Grandpa threw the terrible object onto the nest and exhibited the welding gloves again; I growled and spit but it was no use-I had been captured.

He held me away from himself as if carrying a ticking time bomb. “That’s a good boy, easy now Seabass,” he said softly and lowered me into the animal transport device. He shut the door of the device and Simba and I were loaded into an unmarked vehicle. “Why can you never do as your told?” Simba growled. “Because I DON’T want to GO!” I growled back. “Get over yourself…this will be the best week ever! Gabriel stayed at a place like this and said it was terrific, I have high hopes plus I could use a bit of relaxation,” Simba said.

I stopped for a moment and looked at him incredulously, “Gabriel is a canine-he likes EVERYTHING!” I narrowed my eyes at him and said, “Plus, you’re really going to trust someone who rolls around in dirt like a common peasant?” Simba glared at me, “Yes, what choice do I have?  You are always so skeptical…and by the way this is all YOUR fault! If you hadn’t have thrown that stupid party we would’ve been allowed to stay with Grandpa!”

I squeezed myself as far away as Simba as I possibly could given the circumstances and blew out a sigh, it was going to be a long week and I prayed for separate living quarters…I would discuss this with the concierge immediately upon our arrival.

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