Seabass’ Diary…Day 60…

June 13, 2016- I was NOT going to pet hotel hell that was for sure! I really liked Grandpa…but he probably shouldn’t have taken off the welding gloves so soon; when he reached for me I bit him…hard. He screamed out in pain and jumped back in terror from the wrath of my deadly jaws; he should not have assumed that he could merely negotiate with me- I am a highly developed being and it would take much more than a pep talk to get me in the animal transport carrier.

I leaped over him and ran up the staircase to the hiding place where he could not reach me! He followed me and was hot on my tail as I skidded into my spot-I just barely eluded him and was almost in his clutches had I not been as physically fit as I am. My nickname in college was HE-MAN because I was so muscular…and still am actually. I quite frequently do one armed push ups to remain strong and participate in a number of cardiovascular activities that keep  my weight stable. As I peered out at Grandpa from my hiding place I heard him say, “Hmm…Adam said this might happen, you leave me no choice Sebastien.”

This could not be good-he was using my full name. It’s been my experience that when a stupid human uses my full name it never ends well for me. I waited and watched as Grandpa left the room; a few minutes later he returned…with a hideous monster that was so scary that it shook me to my core.

quebec 183


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