Seabass’ Diary…Day 59…Oh Hell No…

June 22, 2016-The morning came without incident and I saw that Grandpa had spent the night in the prison with us. The secret corridor hole was repaired and there was no way that anyone would ever be getting out, or coming in again. Grandpa had slept in the spare nest room and Simba had curled up with him for the night but now the nest was empty and I heard some rattling coming from the basement.

I raced down the steps and found Grandpa preparing the animal transport carrier-this was not a good thing…I also saw that he was wearing the welding gloves and the combination of these two things could only mean that he was preparing to capture me and take me to the dreaded pet hotel. You see, my brain knew that this was going to happen and yet my heart secretly wished that Grandpa was just appeasing the large, stupid human by telling him what he wanted to hear…but alas, this was not so.

Simba purred and rubbed against his legs and Grandpa gently lifted him into the carrier, “That’s a good boy Simba,” he said, “You’re going to love it there! It’s only for a week and it will be so fun.”Simba trusted Grandpa completely and seemed at ease with his words…I on the other hand would not be so easily persuaded. Grandpa sat down on the step and took off the welding gloves, “This is ridiculous, I’m don’t need these!” I looked at him for a moment and saw that he meant what he was saying. “You’re a good boy who gets into trouble…a lot…but I know you don’t mean to,” he paused for a moment, “think of this as a new adventure!”

I thought about it for a second and decided that there was no way in hell that I was going anywhere peacefully.


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