Seabass’Diary…Day 54…Never Happened

June 2, 2016-Our friends filtered out into the night through the vent, Stinky was the last to leave and he embraced me, “I’ll hope to see you again soon my friend…I had a great time.” He disappeared under the light of the moon and I watched him as he waddled away into the darkness.

I sped back up the stairs and searched for Simba; he was in his hiding place that he reserved for only the most frightening of situations. His face was pressed into the corner of the wall and he shook with fright…my heart sank. I knew that he was thinking that the animals control would come and take us away again. I didn’t have anything to say at that moment so I left in silence.

The image of Simba burned into my mind and I knew that I needed to do something quickly before the humans came home; I needed to make it look like nothing had ever happened here. I raced around the prison and cleaned up as much as I could as quickly as I could;I stuffed the remaining food into the fridge and even dusted all of the furniture. I regained my composure and looked around the room; if it weren’t for the smell of Stinky that still hung in the air it looked as though nothing was out of sorts. I was proud of the job I did and I hoped it would suffice and that Simba would not be upset with me anymore.

The door opened and the uniformed human led the large human into the prison. I hid under the couch where I remained invisible; “Sooo, I definitely smell skunk but it doesn’t look like there’s any animals around…” the large human said to the uniform. The uniform looked stunned and was at a loss for words…I would’ve gotten away with it too if not for one tiny error…a slab of cake was plastered to the ceiling and I feared it could not hang on for much longer!


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