Seabass’ Diary…Day 53…Party’s OVER

June 1, 2016- A strange feeling of urgency suddenly washed over me and the words “Animal Control” rang through my mind like alarm bells; I needed to find Bandit. I looked around the crowded room and finally found him in the human’s litter box room…he was hung over the forbidden water bowl and it looked as though he had been sick…too much consumption was my guess.

“I need your help!” I said, “The animal control humans are coming and they’re the ones who took me and Simba away!” Bandit looked at me blankly, “Dial it down man…I’m not feeling so good.” He swayed back and forth as he looked at me.  I was starting to panic, it wouldn’t be long before they were here and we would all be arrested. “Listen to me!” I said as I grabbed him by the shoulders, “WE ARE GOING TO BE IN BIG TROUBLE…EVEN BIGGER THAN THE CATERING HEIST TROUBLE!”

My message finally got through because his eyes widened and he stood up straight, “Alert the others, we need to get them out of here!” I did as he said and gathered the party guests, “Everyone, we are in imminent danger; the animal controls are coming to capture us and take us away! You must come with me-QUICKLY!” Alvin screamed at the top of his lungs and started shoving as much food as he could into his mouth. “CALM YOURSELF MAN!” I shouted and shook him, “To the tunnel…you’ll exit the same way you came in!” Bandit and I led the animals to the secret corridor and gave a set of final instructions, “When you leave the corridor and re-enter the outside world…do NOT look back, hide yourselves and do not let the humans see you! Good luck and God speed.”

Alvin is clearly a stress eater…

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