Seabass’ Diary…Day 71…Museum

June 30, 2016-At that moment I had complete faith in my team; I knew that they would follow through with the plan we had devised and that it would be executed flawlessly. As the human held me in her grasp I briefly thought about attacking her but I decided to restrain myself for the moment; If I did not fully co-operate and follow my own instructions, there would be no chance of escaping or rescuing Simba.

I was loaded into a black vehicle that contained the tall, thin human, Edgardo, his henchmen and Henri. I had not laid eyes on Henri since he whisked Simba away which was on our very first day here; I thought about attacking him also but I remained calm. I had a job to do and I knew that it was very dangerous so I needed to keep my wits about me. We travelled in silence for quite some time until the tall, thin human spoke,” We’re almost there get the cat ready and Edgardo get dressed!” Edgardo did as she said; he put on a black cargo vest that contained a slew of tools: pliers, a laser pointer, goggles, a zip line, a pulley and a pocketknife. He set his watch and adjusted his headset as the vehicle came to a stop.

“I trust that there will be no issues from you and that you will follow my instructions when I give them to you!” the tall, thin human hissed at me, “Because we would hate for anything to happen to your precious Simba.” I narrowed my eyes at her and agreed that I would co-operate fully. Anger washed over me and I prayed that the animals were executing part 1 of our plan…operation Simba. I wanted to run, I wanted to slash the human’s face open and escape but I remembered the plan…all in good time. Soon this would be over and we would all be reunited with our families.

The tall, thin human stuffed me into her Chanel bag and exited the vehicle; Edgardo and Henri followed behind us. The moonlight dripped onto a broken bottle in the street and the shards of glass shimmered in the darkness. We scaled a ladder at the side of a building to the rooftop and I was released from the handbag; a gigantic, glass skylight served as a window to the museum below.


Exciting News…Amazon!

Hello Friends! As you know I’ve been working on an exciting project and it’s finally finished!…well…sort of; I’ve published part 1 of an exclusive series that’s ONLY available on

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I hope you’ll join Seabass and Simba on yet another adventure! And once again, I’m so thankful for every single one of my faithful readers. Please leave a review on after purchasing the e-book, it would be much appreciated.

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Seabass’ Diary…Day 70…Taken…

June 29, 2016-“I know I am the chosen one but where will they take me?” I asked Caleb. “You will be taken to the heist that the human has planned and you will be used to steal a very rare diamond…they have been planning this for months! I know that they have been waiting for the right man for the job…that just happens to be you.” I stared at him for a moment and tried to piece things together but I couldn’t quite make it fit, “Explain what you mean by me being the right man for the job,” I said. Caleb lowered his head said solemnly, “They’ve been waiting for a black cat.”

The animals in the room were still gathered around us; I took the opportunity to go over the plan once again. “Does everyone know what they are supposed to do?” I asked as the animals nodded in unison, “Let’s do a quick re-cap just to be sure…our lives literally depend on it.” It was hard for me to depend on others’ abilities to save me from any situation let alone a life or death one but what choice did I have. I had to take a chance not only for me but for Simba.

Night fell quickly and Edgardo and his henchmen returned to the room…little did they know that we had devised a plan of attack. The animals turned and stared as the tall, thin human entered the room and said, “Bring me the Chosen One!” Callisto grabbed my hand and whispered, “Don’t be afraid! We are counting on you to save us!” I looked at her and squeezed her hand, “I will never let you down!” and I was taken by the human.

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Seabass’ Diary…Day 69…Caleb

June 28, 2016-I woke to the sight of Callisto standing over me with a glass of water, the animals had gathered around me and were staring. “What happened?” I asked. “You fainted,” she said. All of the memories came rushing back to me and I felt a sense of dread, I knew that I needed to get to Simba sooner than later and that I needed to help these animals escape from here. “Where is the canine?” I asked, “I need to ask him something.” Callisto motioned for the canine to come to me and he shuffled to the front of the crowd; “How could this happen? How could you all be taken from your families?” I asked.

The canine said in a low voice, “This is a new location…we haven’t always been here. Every animal that was at the old pet hotel has been moved here and their families have been notified that we had run away.” He paused, “Then when our families came looking for us we were moved in the middle of the night to this location…the owners have assumed a new identity and I feel that all hope is lost.” “What is your name brother?” I asked. “Caleb,” he said.

“How many of you have been transported here from the old location?” I asked. Fifteen animals one by one, slowly raised their hands and Callisto looked at me with tear filled eyes, “The rest of us have only been here for  five days our families are supposed to come and pick us up in two more days,” she said. “Don’t worry,” I said, “I have a plan…Caleb, where is Simba being held?” “He is being held in different portion of the building all together…they are getting him ready for tonight,” he said as he hung his head. Fear strangled me and my words barely came out as a whisper, “What happens tonight?” I asked. Caleb lifted his head and said, “The Mission…and I fear for you…the Chosen One.”

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Interview With Hannah…

Hannah was the first prize winner of our contest that we held a few weeks ago! Congratulations Hannah and as promised, the first prize winner would be interviewed! She will also be a guest blogger on the site in the next few weeks and I’m excited to hear what she has to say. We will also be posting the video she sent in that made her win!

The interview was conducted via Skype on June 22, 2016

L=Lacey H=Hannah

L: “Thank you so much for being a reader of the kitty cat clan! Tell us a bit about yourself.”

H: “Thanks for picking me! I’m excited to be featured on the site! I’m from Brisbane Australia, I love cats and always have and I am a student at U of Queensland…I’m studying Agribusiness and sustainable agriculture.”

L: “That sounds really interesting!”

H:”It is!”

L: “Did you have a cat growing up?”

H: “No-unfortunately I’m highly allergic but I wish I did!”

L: “The video you sent in was hilarious-do you spend a lot of your downtime googling cat videos?”

H:”YES! And reading things other than textbooks…like Seabass’ Diary!”

L: “That’s so awesome! Thank you for that-we appreciate you as a reader! What do you like best about Seabass?”

H: “I really like his confidence and the way that he sees himself…and how he’s always getting into trouble!” “What I like most is that he has a big heart at the core…and that he usually tries to do the right thing…or at least he thinks he’s doing the right thing.”

L: “What’s been your favourite entry so far?”

H: “That’s a tough one…I’ve really enjoyed all of the entries but if I had to pick just one…definitely the one where they crash the wedding and steal the catering truck!”

L: “Good choice! Definitely a fan favourite! Are you excited to guest blog on the kitty cat clan? Can you give us a hint about what you want to blog about?”

H:”So excited! I’ve always been fascinated by animal behaviour, myths about cats over the centuries, and why cats do the things they do…they’re odd, furry little creatures that seem like they’re hiding something…I think that they think they’re smarter than us and that’s possible! I mean could you imagine? Cats have superiority complexes and they truly believe that they are better than us..I just find it hilarious-I like how confident they are in themselves!” “Maybe I’ll blog about a couple of really cool colonies around the world that are inhabited by cats…there’s a fascinating one in Rome!”

L: “That’s awesome! I can’t wait to read all about it and I’m so pumped that you’re excited to guest blog! Are you nervous about being a character?”

H:”No! Not at all! I’m super excited!”

L:”What kind of character do you want to be written as? A hero? A villain?  An animal?”

H:”Oh my gosh…that’s totally up to you! I really have no preference!”

L: “Don’t worry! Seabass will make you memorable I’m sure of it!”

H:”I have no doubt! Come to think of it…maybe a love interest would be nice…someone the opposite of Stephanie!”

L: “You got it! I’ll be sure to pass that along to him! Thanks so much for joining me today and I can absolutely say that I can’t wait for you to guest blog, I’m looking forward to it and so are our readers!”

H: “Thank you so much!”