Seabass’ Diary…Day 50..SURPRISE!

May 27, 2016-As the guests filtered in I motioned for them to be extremely quiet as to not ruin the surprise for Simba, happiness filled my heart to see how many friends we had; Simba would love this! The animals exited the basement and started up the stairs to the prison common area; friends large and small tip-toed up the steps. There were raccoons, mice, birds, frogs, turtles, chipmunks, as well as the usual suspects that made up our gang. I suppose I could’ve opted for a more quiet function, perhaps a more sophisticated dinner party, but that was not how I did things.

After we had all been assembled I whispered, “Everyone find a hiding place!” There were a few quiet giggles and I turned out the light. I went to the nest where Simba was soundly sleeping; I nudged him gently, “Simba…the human’s are home and they told me to summon you.” He looked at me sleepily and with suspicion, “I didn’t hear the motorized door open…are you sure they’re home?” I thought up a lie on the spot, “Yes old chap, you slept through the sound…must’ve been all of the excitement over the past few days…” I grinned sheepishly and prayed that he would believe me. Simba stretched out and said, “Very well, thank you for telling me.” He walked slowly down the hallway and I was behind him, I flipped on the lights and we all yelled, “SURPRISE!” Simba’s eyes were as big as beach balls and his mouth hung open so wide it almost fell on the floor…my plan had worked! Funnily enough, a few seconds later my lie came to pass…I heard the sound of the motorized door…


Photo Friday – The cat that changed his mind

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Hi India

Whilst walking back home, day before yesterday morning, I found this little cat, somewhat stuck at a few feet above ground. Crouching on a stone that jutted out of the wall, he seemed in a fix whether to jump or let the world be. Since the height was insufficient for him to commit suicide, clearly he had other things on his mind.


In the natural order, urban cats, however friendly, keep a sensibly cautious distance from humans and other lesser creatures. They take their time before blindly trusting someone and therefore it was quite surprising that this one allowed me to get very close – I photographed all these from my mobile.


It was only after several shots that i noticed that probably he couldn’t see me very well as daylight was harsh and his pupils were narrow streaks of charcoal inside a pistachio background. I thought, at least he…

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Seabass’ Diary…Day 49…Party Time!

May 26, 2016-The day went by like a whirlwind and I could hardly believe my eyes when I stopped to look at the time. In my diary, I had kept a careful schedule of when to expect the humans…their schedule did not vary and they were quite predictable which served me well. This evening would be perfect because I knew that they would not return home before midnight..they attended something called a date night each week…I for one did not like the sounds of it.  I looked around the room at all that I had accomplished, it was a beautiful sight! It was funny to think that I would help people break into the prison instead of trying to obtain my freedom-but alas things change over time. People grow.

The entire prison was cleaned from top to bottom and was sparkling! I was quite pleased with myself and the job I had done; paper plates were stacked neatly on the table, I had emptied the fridge of the humans’ food and managed to restrain myself from eating it all, the music was set to go and I had even ordered a special delivery for Simba from the Amazon…it would be spectacular to see his face as he opened it!

I was ready. I checked on Simba once more and he was still sound asleep-the poor lad! The failed caper had taken everything out of him. I was glad he was resting though-he would need his strength for this evenings festivities. I returned to my lair and entered the secret corridor; I took a step back when I saw the line up of friends waiting to get into the party! It was magnificent the sheer number of them! I opened the grate and let them into the prison-let the party begin!



Seabass’ Diary…Day 48…Preparation

May 25, 2016-I turned a corner and raced to the end of the tunnel. Stinky was singing a song as he foraged through the garden for lunch. “Stinky! How are you? How is the rest of the gang?” Isaid. I was relieved to see him and was so happy that he was not captured after our failed caper.

He turned around and smiled,”Hello! It’s good to see you-we were all quite worried that the worst had happened to you and Simba.” “Yes, we made it back in one piece,” I said. Stinky nodded,”Everyone is fine and I’ll be quite happy to report back to them that you both are ok!” I paused for a moment, “I’d much rather tell them myself…I’m throwing Simba a surprise party tonight to show him how much I care…would you mind distributing these for me?” I said and handed him the flyers that I had printed.

“Of course! I’ll hand these out immediately,” he said. This was going to be the best night of my life and I couldn’t wait to see the look on Simba’s face! “We’ll see you tonight!” Stinky said as he waddled off to tell the others. A sense of joy washed over me and it did my heart good to do something nice; it had been a long time since I’d felt this way and I wanted to do more good deeds! I returned to my lair and grabbed a notebook and pen; I had much to prepare for the evenings festivities, after all, there would be at least fifty guests.


Seabass’ Diary…Day 47…Purpose

May 24, 2016-I slept soundly that night and the next morning I awoke with a feeling of purpose. It was a new day and I was going to make good on my promise to be a better man!

Simba was still sleeping soundly in the nest but the humans were gone. He was a loyal soul and all the trauma I had put him through made me twinge with guilt but I would make it up to him somehow. I closed the door as not to disturb him and I ate my vittles that the warden had left me; I quickly bathed myself and washed my face.

I went to the basement and entered the secret tunnel once again; I had much work to do before the humans arrived home. As I had suspected, the humans had not noticed the hole to the outside world at the end of the secret tunnel which was quite fortuitous and I would make good use of it. I made the hole bigger but never stepped foot outside-no, I was quite finished with the great outdoors.

After the opening of the hole was completed I ran back upstairs to print a few flyers off of my computer…I checked on Simba once more and then returned to the tunnel. As I weaved down the corridor I heard chatter coming from the outside. I knew the voice-it was Stinky’s! This was turning out to be a glorious day and I couldn’t wait to surprise the humans when they returned home!