Seabass’Diary…Day 52…Grandpa…

May 31, 2016-Victory was mine! I chugged an entire carton of milk! Friends were patting me on the back and congratulating me…I was on top of the world. The human at the stairs was accompanied by another human in uniform and one more human…the last human was someone I recognized…it was our GRANDPA! This was quite fortuitous because I had not invited him but somehow he found out about my little shindig for Simba; could this night get any more glorious?

Simba and I particularly loved it when our grandpa came to visit, he was much nicer than the warden and would feed us things we normally were prohibited directly from the table. He was a good man and I was glad he was here to help us celebrate. I’m not sure why he brought along two friends but I didn’t care! Simba ran up to him and arched his back as if to say “uppie” and sure enough our grandpa picked him up while Simba wrapped his arms around his neck in a tight hug.

“Send out animal control…and tell them to be prepared for a skunk as well as a bunch of other wildlife…better send four trucks,” the uniformed human who was in charge said. Grandpa turned to him and said, “I’ve already called my son, he’s on his way back across the border, he should be here in an hour at the most.” “So what exactly happened?” the uniform asked. “The neighbour called my son to tell him that there was a party going on at the house and then my son called me to check things out…he said the neighbour was a little crazy and most definitely wrong because the house was empty and would be for a week while they were on vacation…I came by and heard a commotion and that’s when I called you guys.” The other human in the uniform wrote down what our grandpa was saying and said, “We’ll have these animals out of here ASAP…but for now, let’s wait outside…I can’t take the smell of skunk any longer.”


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