Seabass’ Diary…Day 50..SURPRISE!

May 27, 2016-As the guests filtered in I motioned for them to be extremely quiet as to not ruin the surprise for Simba, happiness filled my heart to see how many friends we had; Simba would love this! The animals exited the basement and started up the stairs to the prison common area; friends large and small tip-toed up the steps. There were raccoons, mice, birds, frogs, turtles, chipmunks, as well as the usual suspects that made up our gang. I suppose I could’ve opted for a more quiet function, perhaps a more sophisticated dinner party, but that was not how I did things.

After we had all been assembled I whispered, “Everyone find a hiding place!” There were a few quiet giggles and I turned out the light. I went to the nest where Simba was soundly sleeping; I nudged him gently, “Simba…the human’s are home and they told me to summon you.” He looked at me sleepily and with suspicion, “I didn’t hear the motorized door open…are you sure they’re home?” I thought up a lie on the spot, “Yes old chap, you slept through the sound…must’ve been all of the excitement over the past few days…” I grinned sheepishly and prayed that he would believe me. Simba stretched out and said, “Very well, thank you for telling me.” He walked slowly down the hallway and I was behind him, I flipped on the lights and we all yelled, “SURPRISE!” Simba’s eyes were as big as beach balls and his mouth hung open so wide it almost fell on the floor…my plan had worked! Funnily enough, a few seconds later my lie came to pass…I heard the sound of the motorized door…


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