Seabass’ Diary…Day 49…Party Time!

May 26, 2016-The day went by like a whirlwind and I could hardly believe my eyes when I stopped to look at the time. In my diary, I had kept a careful schedule of when to expect the humans…their schedule did not vary and they were quite predictable which served me well. This evening would be perfect because I knew that they would not return home before midnight..they attended something called a date night each week…I for one did not like the sounds of it.  I looked around the room at all that I had accomplished, it was a beautiful sight! It was funny to think that I would help people break into the prison instead of trying to obtain my freedom-but alas things change over time. People grow.

The entire prison was cleaned from top to bottom and was sparkling! I was quite pleased with myself and the job I had done; paper plates were stacked neatly on the table, I had emptied the fridge of the humans’ food and managed to restrain myself from eating it all, the music was set to go and I had even ordered a special delivery for Simba from the Amazon…it would be spectacular to see his face as he opened it!

I was ready. I checked on Simba once more and he was still sound asleep-the poor lad! The failed caper had taken everything out of him. I was glad he was resting though-he would need his strength for this evenings festivities. I returned to my lair and entered the secret corridor; I took a step back when I saw the line up of friends waiting to get into the party! It was magnificent the sheer number of them! I opened the grate and let them into the prison-let the party begin!



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