Seabass’ Diary…Day 46…Aspire

May 20, 2016- The ride back to the prison was a long one. I was quite weary and so was Simba. I heard the stupid humans talk softly in the front of the vehicle, “How in the world did they get out?” “I must’ve left the door unlatched at the back,” they said.

Now that we were headed back to where we came from, I was unsure if  I ever wanted to explore the outside world again. It was a scary and dangerous place when one didn’t have a well laid plan. If I am speaking honestly, I will say that our caper could have been much more devastating than it was and we were quite lucky to be returned to the warden.

We finally reached the prison and were released inside of the maximum security walls. It felt good to roam within the compound, a sense of familiarity washed over me and I stretched my tired legs. Simba promptly found himself at the foot of the humans’ nest and slept soundly while his soft purrs drifted on the silence that hung in the air like a curtain. I decided to return to my lair and reflect on what went wrong with our plan. A part of me felt as though it had been entirely my fault and that perhaps Simba and his gang of misfits would’ve gotten along quite well without me. I couldn’t even blame bandit for his role of putting the truck into drive; we all have curious moments that take hold and cause us to do things that we normally wouldn’t.

I decided what I needed to do was become better, to aspire to be a more upstanding citizen. I would be more kind and loving and I would try and stay out of trouble from now on. I had my fill of excitement and wanted to return to monotony. If I would not go to the outside world, then I would make it come to me.

Me…with the warden. 

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