Seabass’ Diary…Day 45…Home

May 19, 2016-Hours seemed to pass by as we awaited our fate. Suddenly, a large man in uniform brought me to the front of the building; I was scared but I did not show it. I saw that Simba was already waiting in the reception area in a large carrier; the small, stupid human and the large stupid human were at the desk talking with one of the officers.

I wondered what they were talking about-I was sure that the officer would divulge all of our crimes and that the small, stupid human would be responsible for restitution; I wondered how much the damages cost in terms of currency. I will admit that I was relieved to see the stupid humans and when the small, stupid one opened the crate that contained Simba, he jumped into her arms and started purring immediately. What I had just witnessed was true love between a feline and his human. It made my heart happy to see Simba so relieved. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she asked him, “How did you get out of the house? What kind of adventure did you get into?” He did not answer and kept our secret.

The small, stupid human came to me next and cradled me in her arms…it was…not unbearable and if I am being truthful I will say that it did my heart good to see her again. “Seabass, what happened? How did you end up in a catering truck?” she asked and was still crying.  I was put into the animal transportation device with Simba and we were placed into an automobile. The prisoner exchange had been completed and we were on our way back to our official prison. I had all sorts of mixed feelings; I felt bad that Simba and I were not on speaking terms as of yet, I felt sad that our plan had failed and went up in flames and that we were not successful. I felt relieved to be returning to the prison that I knew so well and I felt tired…very, very tired. As the night wore on and we journeyed on the road home I knew exactly how much Simba and I were loved.


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