Seabass’ Diary…Day 43…Caught!

May 17, 2016-The truck sped down the street and crashed to a stop when it hit a parked car. The sirens were getting louder so I gave my men final instructions, “Someone is coming for us…Luigi has alerted the authorities! We must run and leave the food behind or else we will be imprisoned-Go! Get out of here!”

The men did as I said and climbed out the window onto the street and disappeared into the darkness. Only Simba and I remained, “What are you waiting for? We need to get out of here!” he said, his eyes said it all. He was afraid. The back door burst open and men in uniforms communicated silently with eachother, weapons drawn, “Clear!” each man said after another and they put their weapons away. We were huddled in the corner when all of the sudden a great beam of light revealed our hiding place. “There’s a couple of cats in here but that’s it…looks like the driver is long gone, scour the neighbourhood until he’s found and call animal control,” said the lead officer. “He couldn’t have made it that far on foot.”  He had the word SWAT on the back of his vest and I wondered what it meant…Special Weapons And Tactics would be a good description if I were the one deciding what it should stand for.

We continued to crouch together in the corner and Simba had his forehead touching the wall. He refused to look around at what was happening. A few minutes later a human came in a different uniform. He carried a large animal transportation device and picked me up first…I resisted arrest but could not break his grasp. Simba was next and he co-operated fully, I supposed if this ever went to court that would benefit him greatly…I wouldn’t be as lucky.

My Mug Shot…

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