Seabass’ Diary…Day 42…Chaos…

May 16, 2016-The truck continued to move and before I knew it we were pulling out onto the street! I raced to the front and looked through the windshield-Bandit needed help from all of us to drive.

“ALVIIIIN!” I yelled and the little chipmunk came running, “I need you to sit on the dashboard and give Frank and I instructions to slow down or speed up…can you read?”

“Why yes sir, I was at the top of my class at Cambri…”

“Shut up!” I interrupted “We need to stay at 50 km/h…anything over 50 tell us to slow down and anything under 50 tell us to speed up-do you understand?” He shook his head yes and Frank the opossum joined me on the pedals. I took the right and he took the left. Simba and Stinky were the navigators and Bandit steered the truck. We were all at the front of the vehicle when Simba glanced in the rear view mirror and saw Terry slowwwwwly tottering down the street behind us; his armoured shell shone by the light of the street lamp.

“There’s Terry! We need to go back for him!” Simba shouted. “No, at this point it’s too late,” Bandit said. This caused a division in the group, “But we must!” Alvin said,  “There will be no man left behind!” Frank said but I disagreed, “He should’ve been in the truck at it’s departure, at this point he’s a liability!” I stepped on the right pedal and the truck roared down the road, Frank jumped on the left pedal and the truck came to a screeching halt; Simba wrestled Bandit for control of truck and I stepped on the gas again. Plates fell from the cupboards and food was everywhere! The truck was out of control and because of the chaos that was happening inside we did not hear the sirens getting closer.


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