Seabass’ Diary…Day 40…The Plan…

May 12, 2016-The other members of my group looked on in horror but I was not afraid, in fact I was angry. How dare these mutant rodents rain on my parade? I ripped the mask off of the leaders head and growled fiercely; if it was a street fight they wanted, they would get it! My brigade followed my lead and put on their angriest faces; we spat and snarled and ran the squirrels out of there-victory was ours! They were gone at last!

We needed to get back on track immediately. We regrouped and I gave the instructions; “Alright men, listen carefully and heed my words, else ye be captured and held for ransom! A dangerous mission awaits us but the most fearless of warriors will be rewarded with a bounty of delicacies as far as they eye can see!” Simba rolled his eyes so hard that I wondered if they would fall out of his head. He was obviously quite jealous that I held floor and was in complete control of the minions he had rounded up for this mission.

“Stinky my boy, you are going to serve as the distractor. This is a most important job because you will be going in first.” I paused for affect and felt quite satisfied that they were hanging on my every word. “Bandit, we need to use your skills as the famous break in artist that you are, you will be the one who climbs into the catering truck, opens the back door and passes the food to us.” “Alvin,” I said and was interrupted by the tiny, chubby chipmunk, “Sir? My names not Alvin,” he said nervously. I towered over him and snarled, “You do call yourself a chipmunk don’t you?” “Why, yes of course sir, my apologies you can call me whatever you like, forgive me.” At that moment I thought about eating him but decided it would not be good for morale…back to the task at hand.

iphone oct 2015 333

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