Seabass’ Diary…Day 30…Outwitted for now

April 28, 2016-The footsteps drew nearer and I held my breath in anticipation. The lights flicked on and there stood both of the stupid humans.They looked at the nest and then at each other, the look on their faces told me that they were astounded with the vision in front of them.

The small, stupid human slowly approached the nest and paused. She looked at the sleeping mongrel and he opened his eyes. Monty gave her the saddest look I’ve ever seen, it was so sad that it was pathetic actually. This would never work on the small, stupid human even if she was a total idiot-she would see through his thinly veiled plan and punish him at any moment…I waited.

She sat down on the nest with him and stroked his coat gently. He lifted his head and nudged her, she embraced him and he gave her a disgusting, slobbery kiss. WHAT WAS HAPPENING?! My jaw hung open with amazement. Had I been outsmarted by a lesser species? No, this could not be possible! My eyes darted to the doorway and the large, stupid human was gone. I emerged from my hiding place and like a ninja, I crept into the doorway of the livingroom to see what he was doing; the large, stupid human was cleaning up the mess! He swept up the shattered glass and put the room back in order in complete silence.

The small, stupid human entered the living room with the mutt.She looked around for a moment as she surveyed the damage, she finally said quietly, “So what do you think happened here?” The large, stupid human turned to her and said, “Seabass happened…I have no doubt.”

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6 thoughts on “Seabass’ Diary…Day 30…Outwitted for now

    1. Sorry! He’s not for sale or giveaway! He’s my boy but I’m sure there are a lot of gorgeous cats, black ones especially that would love to be adopted! Thanks for your comment and be sure to check your local shelter! 😻


  1. Poor Seabass!!! He is a destructive little creature isn’t he!! We luv our babies no matter what!! It’s like,” someday we’ll look back on this and laugh!”. I love u Seabass!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! Destructive is right! An evil genius perhaps? 🤔yes he could destroy the house and I’d still love him to bits…I guess I should say, he HAS destroyed the house and I STILL love him lol😻😈aww! He loves all his readers too ❤️


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