Cats in Bow Ties (and giveaway!)

Too Cute!

Three Chatty Cats

Back in February, we introduced you to Lindsi Jones, a professional photographer who volunteers at Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary in Thomasville, Georgia. Lindsi photographs the kitties at the sanctuary and you can read the original post about Lindsi here.

During her time with Miss Kitty, Lindsi started a photographic series called Cats in Bow Ties, with the goal of photographing 101 cats modeling bow ties in an effort to raise awareness for adoptions and also show how beautiful cats truly are. All cats in the series are either current residents, former residents, or fellow kitty supporters of the Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary.

A conversation with Lindsi

How did the “Cats in Bow Ties” project come about?
This past summer I created a few bow ties for my own cat and shot some photographs for myself. After viewing them, I knew that this would be a fun project to do with the…

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