Seabass’ Diary…Day 18…

April 15, 2016- I was ready for the human’s arrival she would be here in a moment and would bear witness to the destruction that I had caused. She should’nt have crossed me, she was getting exactly what she deserved!

The small, stupid human entered the food room and cupped her hand over her mouth; her eyes were wide with anger. She sank to the floor and this seemed to bother Simbicile quite a lot; he tried to comfort her but I could tell she was weary…good, it meant that I was breaking her down and before long I would assume control over the entire prison. I jumped down from the counter into the middle of the mess and somehow this enraged Simbicile; he flew at me and tackled me to the ground.

I laid on my back and kicked him in the face, he gnashed at my jugular and the potting soil from the plant covered our coats and spread further across the floor. Our bodies were entangled and we looked like a tumbleweed of fur; I bit down as hard as I could on Simbicile’s throat and he howled out in pain! The small, stupid human broke up our violent struggle, we fled to the basement and went our separate ways to lick our wounds and to restore our pride.

I could hear the small, stupid one clean up the mess that I had made and all of the sudden it was if a light bulb went off in my mind. I knew exactly how to acquire my revenge on Simbicile for his blatant betrayal…I had forgotten all about this! There was one thing that he was deathly afraid of, so afraid that he would cower in terror and retreat to his hiding place…and I was definitely going to use it against him.

Get ready for revenge!


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