Seabass’ Diary…Day 11…

The canine had located me. I swatted at his nose with my huge paw and he retreated in agony. The alien leader reached behind the cell where I was and captured me. The fight was over; I was returned to the examination room where I was injected with some sort of poison…I am sure that’s how the label read, “RABIES VACCINE.” I was lowered back into the animal trapping station and transported  back home by the small, stupid human.

We arrived home without incident but I was about to change all of that. I entered the prison and Simbicile was on site for my arrival. He examined me thoroughly and when he was satisfied with his findings, he hissed and growled at me; but I couldn’t blame him, I had the smell of the alien all over me.He exiled me from the top floor so  I retreated to my lair and groomed myself frantically  to rid myself of the repugnant scent. The small, stupid human would pay for this and she would pay for it dearly. How dare she even entertain the thought of bringing me to the aliens? Oh my revenge would be slow and justified; my reign of sheer terror was about to begin and it would be magnificent!

For the next few hours I thought about how to repay the small, stupid human for her betrayal and then, like a wonderful strike of lightning, it came to me in a dream. I awoke with a marvellous, sinister plan and decided it was never too early to start putting it into action! I ascended up the basement steps and calmly scoured the house for the small, stupid human and the large one; they were gone. Excellent! It was time to begin. Simbicile was snoring peacefully in his lodgings but not for long…

I was going to disconnect the power to the furnace but first I had to find a way in to disable it. This would cause the humans to freeze to death and finally I would be rid of them and attain my freedom! I entered the basement ceiling through a cold air return vent that was left open by the large, stupid human. He seemed to be repairing the flooring and no doubt would return to the prison soon…there was little time before his arrival so I had to act quickly. Simbicile saw me enter the hole and warned me not to proceed, but I reminded him of his place with a swift swat to the face. He left me in peace and returned to his slumber ; I continued my mission.

I made my way through a series of twists and turns and soon found myself at a barrier. I was stuck in this labyrinth and disoriented; I could not find a way out of the basement ceiling and my mission of disconnecting the furnace had failed. No matter, I had a plan B at the ready to torture the humans. The large, stupid human had returned and continued his work. In the mean time, I made the best of the situation and slept more soundly that I had in years…I was quite comfortable lodged at the end of a corridor, high above the floor, nestled inside the ceiling. A few hours later the large, stupid human seemed to notice my departure…there was a pitch of worry in his voice as he called for me, as if I would really respond to his desperateness. He had entered the basement and I could hear him on an electronic device talking to the small human. He said that he was worried that I could not be located…idiot, for I was mere inches above his very head, hidden behind plaster and paint. He disconnected from the small, stupid human and continued his desperate attempt to find me before she got home.

iphone oct 2015 055
Simbicile…returned to his slumber and finally left me the  F#@$ alone! 


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