Seabass’ Diary…Day 8

April 5, 2016-When we last spoke I had indicated that victory was mine…perhaps this was premature of me. The small human called for back up and the large one cast a shadow over me. I felt an anger rise up in my chest, how dare he attempt to touch me! He reached for me and I sprang at him and clamped down hard on his hand with my mighty jaw-he writhed in pain and fell to the floor it was a scene straight out of a movie, or akin to David and Goliath. I leapt over him and ran to my hiding spot…the humans would never find me. I watched the large human clean his wounds from a distance…I hoped he would bleed to death from the heinous injuries I had inflicted upon him and at last I would have a small shred of happiness in my dismal existence.

For some days now I have noticed that the small animal trapping station has been removed from it’s regular residence in the car port. I was perplexed at why this vehicle of suffering would be at the ready. Soon, the answer came. The small human used her nicest voice, which clawed at my soul like nails on a chalkboard, to call my name. Of course I hid from her on my perch in the laundry area where she could never reach me. I curled myself into a tiny ball of magnificence and edged further away from her as she tried and failed to capture me. She left, I suppose one knows when they have been outsmarted. In the distance I heard a thump…it was getting closer. Before I knew it,  she had found some sort of device that allowed her to reach me. She threw a towel over me and swept me away into darkness. I writhed in anger! How dare she insult my intelligence this way; did she think I was some kind of animal?

I was blinded by the darkness of the towel and was lowered into the animal trapping station. I reached out my paw and grasped for anything to hold onto! I felt flesh and tried to climb up it…defeat…I had been apprehended. There has only been five other times where I have barely survived this ordeal… and every time I have ended up at the same place…a place so evil that it makes this hell look like heaven on earth.

Pray for me… I am going to the most horrible place on earth.

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