How Your Cat Communicates Without Saying A Word…

Cats are excellent communicators and they are able to tell us a lot just by their body language. Here are some interesting indicators of what your cat is trying to tell you! Let’s start from the back…


  • A quivering tail means that your cat is VERY happy to see you! Lucky you!
  • A straight tail pointed at the ceiling means a friendly, content cat.
  • A flicking tail means that your cat is alert and interested.


  • When your cat shows you it’s butt don’t be offended! It’s a friendly greeting! Cats say hello to other cats by sniffing tails just like dogs.
  • When your cat rolls over onto it’s back and exposes it’s belly, it means that they trust you completely. Use caution though, your cat may want to play and that means biting your hands and fingers.
  • This one is pretty obvious! When your cat’s back is hunched up and his  fur is standing on edge, it means BACK OFF! Your cat is on the defensive and is puffing itself up to look bigger and may be growling or hissing to fend off any attackers.

Face & Ears:

  • Your cat is blowing you kisses when it blinks slowly at you! Return the love by blinking back slowly.
  • Turned out ears mean that your cat is being cautious and listening to it’s surroundings.
  • When your cat rubs his face on any object, including you, it means that they are taking ownership of said object or person. They are rubbing their scent all over!

Other Behaviour:

  • Kneading or “Making Biscuits”-Your cat is trying to get comfortable. Kneading goes way back to when your cat was just a kitten and would knead it’s mother for milk.
  • Bringing you gifts-Whether these gifts are real or fake mice or other objects, this means that your cat is taking care of you. They are showing you love and what a good hunter they are! You should be impressed, they are trying to teach you what they know.
  • Sitting in boxes-If it fits I sits! Cats love sitting in boxes because they think it makes them invisible. They feel safe and think that you can’t see them but they can see you.

So the next time your cat blinks slowly at you or greets you at the doorway with a vibrating tail, take it as a sign of affection. To have the love of a cat is special!

iphone oct 2015 331
Seabass kneading his blanket

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