Crazy Cat Lady…

There are a lot of things that I’ve been called in my life but I don’t take offence when someone chuckles and says, “You’re a crazy cat lady!” I suppose it’s because I know they’re right! I’ve loved cats from a young age and have loved so many over the years. I currently have two male cats named Simba and Sebastieno, we call him Seabass for short. Simba is a tabby and Seabass is a Maine Coon mixed. They are the second loves of my life. So you’re probably wondering what the criteria is for officially becoming a crazy cat lady or man… Here it is! To be a crazy cat person you must:

  • love cats
  • talk to cats in a special language that you’ve made up
  • have 1 or more cats
  • own cat hair covered clothing and wear it
  • attend cat shows
  • feed stray cats and pet them when your husband or wife isn’t looking (yes, you can be married to another human and still be a crazy cat person)
  • pet/cuddle cats that belong to other people
  • play with cats when you attend dinner parties at people’s homes that have cats
  • feed your cats before you feed yourself
  • throw parties for your cats or neighbourhood cats if you don’t have your own
  • suffer through allergies of cats
  • tweet, blog, and instagram about cats
  • rock your cat to sleep like a human baby
  • sing to your cat or dance in front of your cat
  • buy or make your cat insane things like a custom seven level cat tree house
  • talk about cats to everyone
  • ask people if they love cats
  • draw cats
  • write about cats
  • describe cats as “Stunning” or “Majestic”

and this is the short list. I’ve ticked off every single thing on this list which allows me to become part of a very special club…The Crazy Cat Lady (or man) Club! I hope you’ll join me:) Stay tuned for more pics, posts, and advice. XO

iphone oct 2015 055
He sleeps like an angel of love…Simba

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